Quick Links to become a PC

Registering Republican:
Online Voter Registration
Voter Registration Form to Print and turn in
County Elections Offices

Find Your Legislative District & Precinct Info (Maricopa County)
Maricopa County address lookup
View your Precinct Map Click “Voting Precincts” and scroll down to the lower section to find your precinct map.
View your precinct quota and signature requirements (sorted by name)
View your precinct quota and signature requirements (sorted by LD and name)

Nomination Paper – Affidavit
Nomination Paper – Affidavit Form for Maricopa County
Completed Maricopa County Sample Nomination Paper – Affidavit
State Affidavit Form for other counties Should be used for Pima, Pinal, and Apache. Check your county page to see if you have their own form or use the state form:
Completed State Sample Nomination Paper/Affidavit

Notarizing Your Affidavit
Contact your County coordinator for or your Legislative District coordinator for help finding a notary in your area.

Nomination Petition – Signature form
Blank Nomination Petition for printing (Legal-sized paper only)
Instructions for printing Nomination Petition
Completed Sample Form

You need 15 signatures from Republicans, Independents, or PND (Party Not Designated) from your own precinct ONLY. For a walking list of Republicans, Independents, and PNDs in your precinct, determine your old LD and old precinct name, then contact your County coordinator, your Legislative District coordinator or . Contact your coordinator and have him/her check your forms when they are complete.

Hand-deliver to your County Elections Office before May 30th at 5PM and get a receipt.

Final Redistricting Maps
Individual Legislative District or Precinct Maps Click “Legislative Districts” or “Voting Precincts” and scroll down to the lower section.