Become a Liberty Republican PC

Want to get RAND PAUL elected President in 2016? He needs delegates (PCs) in the Republican Party in order to win!

For the 2014-2016 term, the deadlines have passed to become an elected PC (precinct committeeman) in Arizona … but if you want to become involved for liberty, you can still BECOME A PC by appointment.

There is one precinct committeeman for every 125 registered Republican voters in every voting precinct. In many precincts, the available PC slots are still not filled, and you can get involved by contacting your Legislative District (LD) chairperson for an appointment form. Appointed PCs don’t have all the voting rights of elected PCs, but they can perform PC functions, become delegates to state and national conventions, and be a voice for liberty and constitutional government.

Why should you care ?

The PCs create the party platform and the PCs vote and elect district, county and state leadership in the party. Sometimes PCs select a new Representative if the incumbent has to leave the district for some reason. PCs write and pass resolutions such as the recent one that censured John McCain for his awful record. And it is the PCs who elect and send delegates to the National party convention every four years to select the party’s nominee for President of the United States.

Can you imagine what the Republican party would look and sound like if the voices in it all sounded like you?

If Rand Paul becomes the Republican nominee and you would like to be a delegate to the National convention then your first step is to become a PC and you need to do it NOW.

If you are in Maricopa County (Phoenix area), the forms and instructions needed can be found HERE or contact us for help using the contact form.

For write-ins, the form is here.

If you are in Pima County (Tucson), instructions can be found HERE and the form HERE, or contact us for help.

For write-ins, the form is here.

For other counties in Arizona, please contact us to be put in touch with your local coordinator.