Guide for Precinct Leaders

As a Precinct Leader, your main responsibility is to identify others in your precinct who support similar principles and help them to become PCs.

Before volunteering as a Precinct Leader for the Ron Paul Revolution, please fill out this contact form so we can make sure your efforts aren’t being duplicated.

First, find out your precinct’s name, number, and quota (how many PC slots are available in your precinct). Each county has a slightly different process.

  • To find your precinct, click County Info at the top of this page. Use the map(s) linked to find your precinct and its boundaries. You may want to print your map. Because of the recent redistricting, some counties do not have maps available online yet. If this is the case, you will need to call the Elections Office at the number shown on the your county page and ask for your precinct name, number and boundaries.
  • To find your precinct’s PC quota, go to your County Info and follow the instructions for finding your precinct quota. In some cases, you may also need to get this information straight from your county elections office.

Second, find PCs to fill your quota.

How to find PC Candidates

You can find PC candidates in many ways.

1. Network: First, think about your friends and neighbors in your precinct. Ask your Ron Paul friends if they know any potential PCs. Among your neighbors, which ones do you know are concerned about the way things are going in our country? Of course, if they have a Ron Paul yard sign or bumper sticker, that’s a great start, but you can find PC candidates from any political background. Talk to them about the opportunity to help restore the Republican Party to the true principles of the Constitution which the Ron Paul R3VOLUTION is all about!

A PC doesn’t “have” to do anything; you won’t get fined or get a pink slip if you miss a meeting. Because of this flexibility you can work on you own schedule. Some months you may have more time than others and you can adjust your efforts accordingly. So, if you have to miss a meeting for some reason, another Republican you trust can carry your vote. When helping candidates who you want to support, you can pick and choose the amount of time you donate making calls, handing out information, collecting signatures etc.

2. Voter Vault: As a candidate for elected office in the Republican Party, you can get access to Voter Vault, a database operated by the Republican party where you can get lists of registered voters within your precinct. You can then contact other Republicans as well as members of other political parties who may have similar concerns about the future of our state and country.

To gain access to this database, click here and fill out the form. Save it to your hard drive then e-mail it as an attachment to Teresa Martinez at Or you can print and fax it to 602-224-0932.

Other instructions: Please call 602-957-7770 if you have any problems with the e-mail address or if your form was submitted more than two weeks ago and you have not yet received access.

IMPORTANT: If you want to use Voter Vault, you should request access TODAY because it may take up to two weeks to process.

3. Go door to door: 

“Hi, my name is ___________ and I live in your neighborhood. I’m talking to registered Republican (Independent, Libertarian, etc.) voters in this neighborhood about a simple way to get involved and change the way things are going on a local, state, and national level. Would be interested in learning how to do that?”

You can even take a big piece of cardboard around with politicians’ pictures on it. “Hi, I’m running to be a precinct committeeman in our neighborhood and I’m conducting a unofficial poll. If you could choose any one of these people to be President right now, who would you choose?” If you have younger children, you could even get them involved in the process. If your neighbor picks Paul, you can start up a conversation and see if they’d like to be involved to help the cause of liberty. If not, that’s OK, they still might want to be PCs anyway. You don’t need to only try to get Paul supporters as PCs. At this point in time, any person will do who believes in the Constitution and would like to see a return to those principles!

Third, help PC candidates get their paperwork completed. 

You are a few steps ahead of them in this process, and you can help show the way.

    • Provide copies of the forms needed.
    • Help them fill out the forms correctly.
      • Use the Become a PC handout to walk people through the process. It can be used anywhere in the state.
      • Instructions and sample filled-out forms can be found here.
    • Get all your potential candidates together at a meet-up! Everyone can get acquainted, sign each others’ forms, and walk around the neighborhood to get other signatures (10 are required in most cases, but 15 are recommended to be on the safe side). You cannot sign more petitions than the quota allowed for your precinct, so pay attention to how many you sign. These need to be signatures of registered Republicans or Independents.
    • Try to find a notary to come to your meet-up. Contact your at the links from the top menu to see if they can help with this. You may want to become a notary yourself to help sign up PC candidates.
    • Once their forms are complete, check that they are filled out correctly and offer to take them to the county elections office. That way you know they are safely turned in and will be on the ballot.

If you have the time and energy to devote even more to this effort by working with multiple precincts, we could really use your help! Fill out the contact request form and note that you would like to become an Area Coordinator. We only have a few weeks, so please reply now and we will help you get started!