Become a notary, FAST!

Are you very interested in helping others become PCs? Become a notary! If you are willing to do some legwork, it is possible to complete this process in less than a week. As a notary, you can notarize the Nomination Paper Affidavit of Qualification for PC candidates. They still need to get their signatures, but you will have helped them complete a significant portion of the requirements to run for PC! Please let your coordinator know that you are becoming a notary so they will be able to send PC candidates your way.

These instructions are for Maricopa County. If you are outside Maricopa County, you will need to check with your county recorder to see what the process is.

  1. Order your $5000 bond and supplies. Go to and follow the instructions.  DO NOT ORDER YOUR SUPPLIES FROM THIS COMPANY unless you have a week or so to wait.
  2. Pay for your bond. If you complete your order by noon CST, they will e-mail you the bond the same day.
  3. Complete application:
    1. Fill out & print the Arizona Notary Application (linked through or on the Secretary of State’s website).
    2. Print your bond (2 copies) and get both copies notarized.
    3. Make a copy of both sides of your Driver’s License.
  4. WALK the application, the 2 notarized copies of the bonds, and the copy of your Driver’s License into the Secretary of State’s office with $43 CASH. The address is 1700 W. Washington St., Phoenix, in the Services Office on the first floor (go to the right when you walk in the building). It is not advertised on the SOS website, but if you pay cash, the turnaround is just as fast as paying to have it expedited. You can request to pick up your commission in person if desired. I dropped mine off Monday afternoon around at 3PM and received it in the mail on Wednesday (I live in Mesa). While you are there, ask for a copy of the current notary handbook (free).
  5. Select a company to get your notary supplies from. Search for businesses-stamps on Dexonline or some other business search engine. Check their turnaround & policies and if they carry notary journals. Some local options:
    1. The Stamp Connection (Tempe) 480.966.8182
    2. Creighton Rubber Stamps (NW Phoenix) 602.997.6760
    3. Phoenix Rubber Stamp Co. (Phoenix) 602.273.1963
    4. Alpha-Barretts Stamps & Badges (Cave Creek) 602.943.4107
    5. Mesa Sign & Stamp Co. (Mesa) 480.969.0011
    6. Mail Boxes Etc. type stores sell notary stamps with one-day turnaround.
  6. Once you receive your commission, you can order your notary supplies. Fax, e-mail, or walk in your commission. Note: the seal must have dark ink (dark blue, dark purple, dark green, or dark brown). Red ink or ink not viewable on all copy or fax machines is unacceptable. Once you get your supplies, you are ready to go!
  7. You may prefer to find a local print shop that can produce your notary supplies with faster turnaround. Make the best decision for yourself.

Don’t forget, being a notary is a very important service. You should review the notary manual and take the Secretary of State’s online course: